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Doug Lamborn  Doug Lamborn is seeking a sixth term as the Congressional Representative from District 5, after having served for more than a decade in the Colorado House and Senate.  For More information,    click here.

Owen Hill

Senator Owen Hill represents the citizens of Senate District 10 in El Paso County.

Owen and his wife Emily, a native of Colorado Springs, have four young children: Kaiden, Miette, Ellis, and Elinor. As the dedicated father of four, Senator Hill champions Colorado’s kids and works tirelessly to ensure that families are given the freedom to determine the best choice for their student’s education. As chair of the Senate Education committee Owen holds that every student is a unique individual with educational needs and goals and should be given the chance to flourish in an environment that best fits who they are. 

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Darryl Glenn

Darryl Glenn is a serving El Paso County Commissioner.  A Graduate of The Air Force Academy, and a practicing Lawyer, Darryl was the Republican nominee to the US Senate in 2016.

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